Working in Canada as an International Student

As many of you may know when you come to Canada to study you can actually work as well! This is very helpful.

So we’re talking about jobs and companies that hire students that can help you make some money when paying lots for your education.If you‘re interested in making some money while studying in Canada then read all the article.

First of all when you‘re studying in Canada, you can legally work for 20 hours when you have your studies and you can work for 40 hours a week when you have your study breaks, spring break, summer breaks, some kind of time off when you don’t have your full-time studies you can work full-time.This is perfect and a lot of companies hire students both part-time full-time so you can actually start as a part-time worker and then transition into a full-time worker.

All of these jobs are gonna be the minimum wage but it‘s better than nothing at least you can make some money to go to movies to go to concerts or like entertain yourself so don’t expect it to be too much but at least you‘ll have some spare money to spend on yourself.

What kind of jobs are there for students in Canada?

Well first of all it‘s delivery, delivery is huge, people eat out all the time especially in this time of the year aka pandemic people tend to order a lot of food.In Canada we have Uber-eats, we have Foodora, and you don’t have to have a car to work for these companies we have a lot of delivery people riding bikes a lot of people just simply walking.

In Montreal it’s huge, a lot of people literally walking and delivering food.

What do you need for this job? Well, you have to speak a language, but I guess if you come into Canada you already speak it, so that’s good, you don’t need much of experience you just need to be a responsible human being, deliver food on time, and then you‘re going to be fine. The minimum wage in Canada is around $12 or $13 depending on the province so you should consider this amount when thinking of your future salary, but if you‘re working in delivery you can also gettips” by customers so you can get some extra money of that.

If you are a fan of coffee you can also work in a coffee shop it doesn’t matter if it‘s local or it‘s like a franchise like Starbucks or Tim Hortons, you can work as a barista as a cashier there are a lot of positions available at this coffee shops so you can go and drop off your resume there, pro tip from me if you go to local coffee shops it‘s going to be so much faster if you want to work for Starbucks, I know it‘s cool, because it‘s Starbucks but it‘s going to take you so much time to get the position you want because imagine you have a system, and you have to upload your CV and your cover letter, and then this package goes higher and higher and higher and like by the time it gets to the top the people who are actually hiring, it‘s gonna take a lot of time but if you go to a small local coffee shop owned by a family you can go and say :

Hey! I’m looking for a job? Do you have any vacancies?

Yeah sure!

When do you want to start?

Next week!

Done Done Deal!

Everything is so much faster, the next job is in restaurants, bars, you can work as a hostess, waiter, dishwasher, cleaner, all these jobs are going to be less than minimum wage so around nine ten dollars an hour, but you’re gonna get tips as well as I’ve mentioned before loyal customers can tip you especially if you’re a waiter or server you’re gonna get tips and sometimes it can be like two three hundred bucks a night so this is not bad considering you getting less than minimum wage! Right!

As I’ve mentioned before Canada has a massive restaurant scene in North America I would say Montreal, Toronto, so many restaurants and bars where you can go eat or work for.

The next job that is perfect for an international student is in sales you can go work at a store at a supermarket at the mall anywhere you like as long as you have good customer service skills, you have good English, you can try working in sales.

I know a lot of people started as consultants, and then they made their way to managers, store managers, directors, and all this kind of high positions. If you’re not good at sales or maybe serving people, you can also work as a tutor on campus, off-campus, you can teach others, for example in college there are a tutor program, so let‘s say I’m in my second term, I can tutor students from the first term because I’ve already passed it, so I can actually train them, teach them, and help them with their studies, you’re getting paid minimum wage as well but why not if you’re already in College, why would you go somewhere for work if you can stay there and just like help others to study.

Speaking of college you can also work on campus there are a lot of cafeterias, Starbucks, library, stores, so if you go to a career center or to students association they can tell you what are the available positions in the college, but you can also check it on your college‘s website sometimes they have this job board where you can check what‘s available in the college, some of the students work physical jobs like movers, law movers, snow removal services, all this kind of physical activity jobs, if you like moving or you like furniture or you want to lift some weights you can also pick a job from this ones and work out while working .

If you don’t want to work physically you can also work with your hands, with your brain, some of the companies hire brand ambassadors so they can recruit people, let‘s say there is a club in Toronto and they want to attract more people so they hire let‘s say me because I have some followers, and I recruit you and I say come to this club it‘s the best so I get paid by the club and you go to the club and spend money there so they make money of new customers.

Where do people actually look for jobs in Canada?

First of all websites if you want to work at Starbucks, you go to Starbucks website, if you want to work at Second Cup, you go to Second Cup‘s website, if you want to work on a restaurant, you go to a website, the next thing is, workopolis, monster, these are three websites for the job search, it’s normally for full-time positions but you can also find some part-time student jobs as well.

The next place to find a job is actually to go in person and ask people if they have any positions available, let‘s say you have a local supermarket that is owned by an old lady, you can come and say: Do you guys have any positions available? Like any jobs, also if you go to your neighborhood there should be some stores maybe coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and some of them might have this tiny sticker at the bottom of the window that says “now hiring” that is your chance to bring your resume and say: I saw the sticker 😁 Can I get a job? at least you can talk to the owner, to the person who is responsible, and then they can pass your resume to the next person, you can also check some websites like Kijiji and Craigslist, but I feel Craigslist is full of scam, so I’d rather check Kijiji it‘s like an ad board where you can find things to buy works to do even like services all this kind of stuff and also you should check Facebook, Facebook has a lot of groups like work for students, student jobs, student jobs Canada, so try searching those groups and then you can find some that may be of interest to you, again don’t forget to go to your college, career center, students association, they‘re the best, they help you with your resume, with your cover letters, if you don’t know what to put in your resume, you don’t have experience, they will help you work on your resume and make it look good so you can find a job after.

What do you need to work in Canada?

First and the most important thing is your language, if you don’t speak English or your English is bad, unfortunately you won’t get a job, if you in Quebec you should be bilingual, yes you can get a job if you speak only English but if you want to work in a bar, downtown Montreal, you have to speak two languages, because it‘s a bilingual province so you have to know both of them, also you will need your study permits, so if you have it, that means you can work 20 hours when you’re studying, 40 hours when you’re not studying, but also you will need your social insurance number, without this number you can‘t get a job, it is very important for your taxes and legal information, so when you get to Canada, first things you need to do is to get your social insurance number if you want to get a job, and the last thing that is not super important but it‘s good to have, it‘s “work experience“, if you work before in your own country make sure to translate it into English and put it in your resume or CV so you can actually prove to people that you have experience, it‘s not like oh work for my cousin, it‘s all good like yeah trust me, you have to have it written somewhere in your resume or maybe have a reference letter that would be perfect, you can come to work and then be like I have this references from these companies if you want to contact my past employer please feel free to do so, experience is not mandatory but it‘s okay to have

Here are a few tips that I can share with you in terms of finding a job, looking for one, so the first thing is start working asap when you get to Canada, start your job search immediately, it‘s gonna take you time for sure, I’ve personally spent months looking for a job, start looking as soon as you land, the second tip is look for local places as I’ve mentioned before local places will be so much faster at processing your application rather than this franchised well-known brands because it takes so much time, honestly just trust me on this one and go to your local coffee shop, bakery, or something like that. Tip number three is ask your friends, maybe your friend works at a bar, you can ask them if they need any servers, if your friend works at a store you can ask if they need any help like cleaners, or like sales associates, stuff like that, don’t be shy, you’ll make some friends when you get to the college and then you can start asking them if there are any jobs available, and the last but not least don’t look for cash positions, pay your taxes and everything will be fine, a lot of students are like oh I’m gonna work for cash, and not pay taxes, this is no good for you especially if you want to stay in this country, just be a responsible human being, at least when you’re working at an official workplace, you’ll get your money on time, you’ll get your hours, if you work for cash it can be sketchy, they can lie to you, they can like not pay your salary, so just stay away from this cash positions.

This is it I hope this article was helpful for you and if so, you can support me by sharing it, Thanks!

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