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How to study in the USA after the baccalaureate?

Study in the USA after the baccalaureateEntering the world of higher education is a key moment in your life, and why not spend it in one of the most attractive countries for students? Many students wish to study in the United States after the baccalaureate, whether it is a thought out project or a simple idea to explore, the success of American formations does not diminish.

But when are the steps to be taken? What are the key dates to be respected to hope to leave after obtaining the baccalaureate? What training can I apply for a first university cycle?
So many questions to ask yourself when you want to study in the USA after your baccalaureate!

The different programs available in the United States:

The first university cycle in the USA corresponds to the Undergraduate cycle, and lasts a maximum of 4 years without repeating a year or a gap year. During this first cycle, students discover university life and acquire knowledge in one or more fields which will determine the start of their professional career.

There are two very distinct courses for post-baccalaureate students, short programs within Community College, and long programs or ” Bachelor’s Degree »Within universities.

The “Bachelor’s Degree” programs offered in universities take place over 4 years, and allow a student to specialize in a specific field. At the end of his training, he can continue his studies in a “Master’s Degree”, or enter the job market. More info on ” Bachelor’s Degree “.

The programs offered within the ” Community Colleges Are short and professionalizing programs taking place over two to three years. They allow the choice to continue studies within a Bachelor thanks to an equivalence system, or to enter the labor market.

They are more and more popular with American students because of their lower cost than university studies, thus making it possible to carry out at least two years of study at a lower cost. More info on ” Community Colleges “.

The steps and key dates to apply after the baccalaureate:

How to study in the USA after the bac?A project like going to study in the United States is prepared in advance, due to the numerous procedures and the difficulty of obtaining certain documents. It is therefore necessary to start preparing your file as well as your registrations almost 12 months before the scheduled start date.

University placement agencies (Study Experience) can help you in your efforts, do not hesitate to contact them!

Consult the profiles of American establishments as soon as possible and select the ones that interest you. Do not hesitate to contact them directly by email to find out more about the selection process for international students.

Today, the majority of universities and “Community Colleges” have an online registration system, making it easier for international students to submit applications. Be careful to respect the deadlines for sending files. The earlier you send your application, the more chances you have of receiving a response as soon as possible, which can facilitate your subsequent procedures!

The necessary documents for your post-baccalaureate registration file:

You will have to start the process well before obtaining your Baccalaureate for most of you, this is by no means penalizing. In fact, most establishments now send admission notices on condition of obtaining a secondary school diploma.Keep in mind that you are going to have to take several tests which are prepared in advance. Take this preparation into account when preparing your file.

The documents to be provided must be translated into English, via your school administration or through a sworn translator. We therefore find:

  • The end of studies diploma (Baccalaureate), as well as the marks obtained.
  • The marks obtained from the second to the first semester of terminal. If possible, they should be formatted to reflect the level of the student, for example with the high school student’s classification within the school or his class.
  • An English language test. You will be asked to take one of the official language tests, preferably TOEFL or IELTS in order to assess your level of English.
  • The SAT 1 test and one or more SAT 2 tests. Once your application has been received, the institution will ask you to take skills tests to assess your level in given fields.
  • Two to four letters of recommendation in English from your teachers, and / or an employer if you have already worked.
  • A copy of your passport valid for at least another year.