What is the differences between College and University in USA ?

When it comes to academic institutions, the terminology is country-specific (Canada, England, Australia, etc.). In the USA, the differences between College and University are mainly due to the size of the institutions and the length of the studies. Indeed, the College is often a little smaller than the University, as much by its size as by the scope of the subjects taught. Differences in Subjects and Diplomas The College will also offer a whole range of subjects (“Degrees”) in one

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10 Reasons Why Should You Get an Online Master’s Degree?


The perplexing question that everyone’s talking about: Should I get my online master’s degree? There are 10 questions that you should be asking yourself when you‘re thinking about getting your master‘s and whether or not you should do it online. Question number one: Are you truly passionate about the subject? You have to start here because getting a secondary degree has to be more about passion for the material than just getting the piece of paper, this isn’t like your

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How to study in the USA after the baccalaureate?

Entering the world of higher education is a key moment in your life, and why not spend it in one of the most attractive countries for students? Many students wish to study in the United States after the baccalaureate, whether it is a thought out project or a simple idea to explore, the success of American formations does not diminish. But when are the steps to be taken? What are the key dates to be respected to hope to leave

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MBA in China for International Students


According to estimates, one in every five people in the world hails from China, it has the largest that’s 1.4 billion or 19 percent of Earth’s population, what else is mind-boggling about China, among the most ancient civilizations and home to the great wall built using sticky rice, it is also the fastest growing economy in the world which currently stands at nearly 14 trillion dollars in GDP, or soon to be superpower China has also caught on to become

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Joining an MBA Program in China


China is one of the rising countries of world education, and many establishments are now among the first parts of the world rankings. The MBA programs of Chinese institutions have also benefited from this international recognition, and today represent an excellent alternative to Anglo-Saxon programs. Chinese universities offer the vast majority of them with courses taught in English, while the share of international students in the number of promotions continues to increase, often exceeding 50%. MBA programs in China often

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Studying Finance in Canada: The Complete Guide

The excellent reputation of Canada and its university system attracts many French students every year, especially in fields of specialization where international openness and English are essential to progress in your career. Studying Finance in Canada is an opportunity to venture across the Atlantic and benefit from a North American education very different from what we know in France, while having of a passport to companies around the world thanks to your Anglo-Saxon diploma. Where to study finance in Canada?

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Best Business Schools in Canada

Canada represents an opportunity for many international students to experience the North American experience while integrating training into a country that is welcoming and recognized around the world for its academic excellence. To join a Business School on the other side of the Atlantic is to choose to turn your career internationally and to a large number of opportunities in the Anglo-Saxon world. What is a business school in Canada? Like their American neighbour, the Business Schools, are present in

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