7 reasons why your Career Has Been Blocked

7 reasons why your Career Has Been Blocked

Some time you have the feeling to have reached a glass ceiling, your career is slipping, you are stagnant.

I’m going to reveal to you the seven main reasons that a career is blocked.

Lack of visibility

First reason for a career block the lack of visibility, you are not present or not very present on social networks like LinkedIn, you do not publish content, you work in the provinces in a SME, in short you are not on the radar recruiters, make appointments visible for example by having active online profiles, by joining professional unions or by publishing content of articles on your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise.

Insufficient level of English

Second blocking point your level of English is insufficient, I often see people who are between 45 and 50 years old who are blocked by an insufficient level of English and at one point what this deal recruiters and I think that this reasoning is valid, the recruiter says to himself if this candidate could not anticipate, if it is not said at a time I must speak English, if it is not invested in the practice of the English language, it is that he did not know how to manage his thing, so I did not retain this candidate on the one hand because he do not speak English but on the other hand because he did not know how to give himself this advantage essential in the professional world.


Third reason for blocking your career is you let yourself be locked in a niche, you are the specialist in the specialty of the specialty, in other words your skills are too specific and not easy to transpose to other areas, the solution to try to develop transversal skills such as project management.

Lack of mobility

Fourth reason for blocking your career, you have remained in the same position for a very long time 10 years 15 years in the same company, this type of profile gives recruiters the feeling that you are rather, someone with a plan who doesn’t like change and who ultimately does not want to go see other things.

Not knowing how to sell yourself

Other element that can block your career the fact of not knowing how to sell yourself, in fact you can have the skills a project that holds up now at one moment you will have to persuade someone to give you a chance, so build your presentation, build your arguments and especially know ahead of the question of style “do you think you can take the next step ?” or “what makes you believe that you have the skills for this position?”

Lack of a mentor

Another source of blocking your career is the lack of a mentor, a mentor it can be a teacher, a former colleague, a former boss, and a mentor is someone who can give you advice by telling you this is a sector that development is worth training for example, that is not very promising see someone who will guide you and with whom you can test your professional project.

Your look

Last blocking point may be your look and sometimes the look is not necessarily adapted, it must be given a little youthfulness, so indeed sometimes a makeover can be a way to boost a career.

To conclude I would like to focus on one point test your development project, go see professionals in the sector, ask their reaction to get the life of people who are really already in place, who can show you the different steps to take go through, to achieve your project.

Good luck for your interviews.

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