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4 Tips to Choose Your City and University in the United States

To undertake studies in the United States, the first of the things to do: Choose your city and university, for those who already have family here “No Big Deal”, you already know more or less, but for others you will have to make a choice among the 50 states and universities among the 5000 that are available to you, not at all easy 🤔

Let’s share with you 4 tips to make it easier for you in choosing your city and universities.

Financial Aspect

The first important point to consider is the financial aspect 💰. As a rule the cheapest states are located more or less in the center of the country, when one gets closer to the ends the price of life also increases so.What is your annual budget? 15 million? 20 million? The answer to this question is crucial and will make it easier for you in choosing your state, to learn more about the cost of living you can visit:

You should know that as a general rule, public institutions are cheaper than private institutions and community college are cheaper than universities .

Reputation of University

Second point to consider is the reputation of your university, we agree that when coming to study here in the United States, the objective is to obtain quality training in order to be competitive in the job market, it is imperative to consider not only the reputation of your university but also the reputation of the training you want to undertake in this university, indeed some universities are recognized for solid training in engineering and others for social sciences such as political science or economics.

Work Opportunities

After the fact and reputation let’s now move on to the third point which is work opportunities, for you who wish to have professional experience after your training in the United States, I would advise you to start doing small investigation on your life, if you have specific companies in mind and would be better if you visit their website to see where is they localized or are they recruiting, despite the success of LinkedIn, many companies continue to physically go to campus to meet and recruit potential students, from others go so far as to sponsor university programs in order to enhance teaching to later recruit qualified students, so try to get as close as possible to your ambitions to increase your chances.

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Good Environment

To finish, let’s talk about the importance of a good environment, believe me, it’s maybe the last but not the least, no matter the financial means made available to the student the reputation of the university or even the work opportunities, a student who is not fulfilled in his work environment will have a lot of trouble to give the best of himself, some prefer to live in small cities away from any distraction to better focus while others imagine not even live anywhere other than in a metropolis, outside the size of the city, the climate is a very important factor, Would you be comfortable in extreme climates? for example in Alaska where it is very cold or in Arizona with high temperatures, it will also be interesting to consider a city you have trusted people to help you settle in the beginning, and there I hear someone say I’m too great, I do not need, I can manage on my own 💪, but believe me sometimes it has nothing to do with age or the level of education, it is even a matter of life or death.

That’s all, so remember well the four points that are cost, reputation, work opportunities, and environment .