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10 Key Points To Make a Good Impression in a Job Interview

In this article, I will give you the 10 key points to make a good impression, from the start, in a job interview.

The Punctuality

First point is obvious, but it must be remembered, it is punctuality! A lot of candidates arrive late, so it stresses them out, it puts the recruiter in a bad mood … so be on time! A little advice, if the interview is not too far from your home but in an area that is a little difficult to access, an industrial area for example, go for a walk a few days before to locate the place. Otherwise we get lost sometimes and then we arrive … we are not in good conditions,so locate the places!

The Outfit

Second key point is the outfit. At the start, well, it’s your silhouette that will appear and casually the recruiter will get an idea: elegant, not elegant, attractive, not attractive, convincing not convincing and in many professions, for example sales , your outfit sends a message, so take care of your outfit. Do not be afraid to be a little elegant … it can serve you, see when negotiating salary for example. Someone who’s well dressed, well, we put him in a category that’s a little bit different, and we’re more inclined to make an effort from a salary standpoint. Everything is important,so take care of your outfit!

The Body Language

Third key point is body language, especially your demarche. The idea is to have a demarche that is elegant, that is not too fast, to stand up straight. People with body languages ​​that are a little tucked in on themselves doesn’t inspire too much confidence, you must feel a physical presence.

The Frank Look

Fourth point is to have a frank look. Personally, for me, nothing is more annoying than people who greet you while looking away. It’s a lack of respect. So a frank look! It is not about harassing the recruiter, being focused on him as if you have laser beams instead of the eyes, but it is necessary to seek eye contact to personalize the relationship and to be physically present in the exchange.

The Handshake

A firm handshake, but not too much and if possible not moist!  the idea is creams that avoid having sweaty hands. Indeed, a sweaty hand is something unpleasant. Also avoid soft handshakes, fingertips, a fairly firm grip! If you want to have fun, you can stay a little longer, to create a little movement, a little, it can be fun … Create a little surprise for the recruiter, but  don’t overdo it,a dry and firm handshake while at the same time gazing straight into the eyes.

Debit and Articulation

Sixth point, do not speak too quickly, articulate! A mistake often is that the candidates arrive, the recruiter knows their names, but they introduce themselves anyway and they will say their names and we do not understand anything. And above all, it sends a message which is: “I don’t have too much confidence in myself”.

A person who has confidence in herself will say: “Hello”, “First Name” “Last Name“, “I am coming for the position of sales representative”.

The Small Talk

Seventh point is what the Americans call “small talk”. The “small talk” means when you arrive, sometimes the person will take you to their office, you will go for a walk for a few seconds, we must speak, we must speak, you must not stay there and follow very gently like a little dog. You have to talk about the local, the area where the company is located, ask how long the company has been established in this area… Have a little dialogue, not necessarily revolutionary, in terms of content, but, it do not attack directly on the job, you have to have a little conversation, like “Ah, yes, I’m discovering your locals” … Or “I knew such a company in the area,  there’s a little trick to say that makes the conversation go smoothly.

Calling your Interlocutor by his Name

Eighth point to making a good first impression is a trick, it’s when you can call your interlocutor by his name. Not all the time, for example you will say: “Mr. Martin, I have a good example to quote you, concerning the commercial progression.”

Sit by Invitation

Ninth point. , it’s more of a rule of courtesy, when you arrive in the room, well it’s up to the recruiter to tell you “Sit please”, so it would be rude to sit uninvited!

Don’t Invade The Space of The Other Person

Tenth point, once you are seated, do not invade the space of the other person. If you are there slouching on the desk, or, lady putting down her bag, her phone her notepad… no! the idea is really to save space. If you take notes, for example, you will say, you will take out your notebook, you will say “Can I take some notes?”, Just to say okay, can I have a little bit of space on your desk. If the person seems a little reluctant, put your notebook on your lap… But, be careful to respect the recruiter’s space! If you talk to him in the face, if you are too close to him, if you invade his space, you are seen as someone, as an invader who comes from the sky and the person is not well disposed in front of you.